10 Amazing Tips For Self Discipline

The way my life changed after I learned some amazing tips for self discipline is so worth it! Are you tired of your family and partner nagging you for things you have to do and KNOW you must do? The truth is that you may lack self-discipline.

But, it’s not the end of the world. I write this post because I want to help you see things from a new angle. And, this can be the article that it’s gonna change your life if you truly put in place what I suggest here.

I was (and sometimes still am) in your shoes. But there are things you can do to change it.

My story: I used to postpone things but stress over them. Like, I was thinking only “I have to do that…But soon” 10x times a day!

It was annoying, tiring, and frustrating.

I’m sure this happens to everyone at least sometimes.

But one day, I decided I want a change in my life. So what I did? Took actions that could change my life.

I’ll list the tips below, so keep reading.


1. Remember your goals

You might want to start (or started already) something because of a goal. If you are like me, you act on impulse. Or at least you feel like you have superpowers on good days but then, only to lose enthusiasm after a while.

What to do in this case:

 Write down your goals in either your journal or stick them somewhere in your room so you can see them every day. When you lose your mood, imagine your goals being met. It gives you the hope and motivation back, right?

2. Set up alarms

 Sometimes, I’m so caught up with something that I postpone things and forget to do them. So an alarm is the best reminder. This way I don’t have to be stressed that I must do something today and to remind myself “Don’t dare to forget it!”.

3. Habits

In time, your alarms will disappear as you create daily habits.

For example, I used to be a dancer. Yes, I took dance classes and danced on the stage a few times. But since I’m an introvert, at my home, in my mirror, I was most comfortable dancing. So, I had this habit of waking up and dancing during the day whenever I had time, sometimes for hours.

But with time, I lost this habit as life got busier. Yes, I know. It was my mistake to not find the time to do something I love. And sometimes I regret it because I lost my grace in dance.

I don’t want the same things happening to you.

Make a habit and don’t quit no matter what, especially if it’s something very important for you.

4. Finish what you started

How can you finish something when you love to multitask? Or when you lose interest and focus on one thing for less than 30 mins?

First, make sure no one disturbs you. Keep your mind and focus only on that thing and when a different thought hits you, ignore it. It does take some effort. But in the end, you can breathe so easily knowing that you did one more thing today and you didn’t just waste your time!

5. Breathing Techniques and Meditation

I think this one helped me the most. Whenever I had a bad mood, thinking positive thoughts with relaxing breathing calmed me instantly.  And I had better energy to do things I have to do, to achieve my goals for the day, and so on.

6. Set Deadlines

 Setting deadlines allowed me to really focus and give my best on everything. Why? Because I felt like in a competition where I must win by doing it well and on time. And it really works!

Look at the clock and say “By x time I must do y thing/half of it”. But make sure whatever you do result in quality.

7. Eat Well and Hydrate

When you eat unhealthily, you get tired more easily and may end up in a bad mood all day. Either drink coffee or black tea (or both). Also, take supplements such as vitamins if you don’t feel full enough from raw vegetables.

8. Include a friend — This works in two ways:

a) Either do difficult things together with a friend or sister

b) Let them know via call or text message what you are up to and make sure to send a picture after you’re done with the thing. It’s a good way to be motivated to get things done.

9. The Power of Breaks

 By taking breaks such as watching Youtube, Tiktok, reading a book or going out allows you to gain back your energy. As a result, you can continue to finish your super busy schedule for the day.

10. Ignore the “Haters” — I feel so bad to say it, but I want to be honest. Sometimes our biggest fans aren’t our family or partner. Harsh truth. But you don’t live for them, you live for yourself, you deserve happiness and deserve to dream big,

So, whenever someone tries to discourage you, get online in your favorite community to get motivated back by all those people that could do it! Or simply vent to your friends. There are people who believe in you!

I do, too. Don’t give up and keep going. I was in your shoes. I know you can do better!

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