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8 Online Business Ideas for Women To Start Today

As a woman, you need to wear many hats. But what is better than being financially independent? Today I share with you 8 online business ideas for women that you can start today.

Let’s say today is Sunday. You go to sleep. And when you wake up the next day, your alarm starts ringing at 5:30 am. You need to say goodbye to your sweet bed and prepare for that 9-5 job full of routine.

One more week with stressful work, working for someone else, away from your kids and family. You struggle to live from paycheck to paycheck and you live only for the weekends. You feel like you have no choice, you think “Is this really the meaning of life?”

Well, things can truly change for you as soon as THIS WEEK if you read this post that will open your eyes to new opportunities.

You have probably read about a lot of blogs on how to start making money online but you don’t really know what works and what does not.

I tried most of them and have online friends that are successful with these options.

I’ll list them below soon.

How I Got Started

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born in a low-income family, being the only daughter. My mom always tried her best to offer me everything, but as I grew up I was feeling guilty. I thought “Why should parents sacrifice so much for their kids, I need to change it”.

I was so determined to become independent. The thing is, I’m introverted and suffer from social anxiety. Because of this, it was very difficult to work as a waitress and that was the time that I realized “A physical, 9-5 job is not for me!”

I always wanted to spend time on my phone, like every millennial. So after a lot of research, I found that there are actually online jobs that really pay you. But everything I found was requesting 2-3 years of experience, a portfolio, and so on.

Now, 2 years later I gained a lot of experience as a freelancer and I compiled a list of online jobs for beginners that I want to share with you today!

8 Online Business Ideas for Women

1. Open a Repost account/User-Generated Content Account on Instagram

 All you need to get started is an Instagram Business Account and some free licensed photos online. You need to focus on a profitable industry where the competition is not very high but has a big earning potential. Basically, niche down.

 For example, you can try to open a weight loss page for moms and at first, you give weight loss tips using stock photos. After you gain some followers you start asking the people who you find through hashtags for permission to repost related pictures.

 By having a page that shows a collection of images from a niche which in turn brings a result to your audience, you can get a lot of followers in time.

But I can’t tell you how fast this path is because it depends on your niche, your algorithm knowledge, and how much effort you put into it. And in time, brands will reach out to you or you would pitch them with a Media Kit for collaboration.

2. Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant, you can offer to help just with your knowledge. I have seen both Tech VAs which require some skills and knowledge of online tools (but this can be taught by taking different online courses). I’ve also seen VAs that only need to help with simple tasks.

Administrative tasks are a very popular service offered by Virtual Assistants. This would include sending emails on their behalf, editing photos, research different things, travel booking, and more, depending on the business.

 Basically, you make a list of services you would like to offer, think who you’d like to work with and you can either be paid by the hours or by offering monthly packages.

 The Virtual Savvy is amazing and there are lots of success stories and resources that will help you fast-track your success!

3. Customer Support Representative

If your communication skills are very great and you like talking on the phone, this career would be very good for you, at least as a beginner.

 You can be a customer support representative for online boutiques or Shopify store owners. They often don’t require experience as they are solopreneurs and would love to give newbies a chance!

 It’s all about building a relationship with them and finding out if they need help with anything in the conversation, but you need to not come across as too salesy.

4. Graphic Designer

If you have a keen eye for design you can sell templates on Etsy. You don’t need to know Photoshop. A perfect alternative is Canva or Crello, where you can create beautiful graphics only by using customizable templates.

 The templates can be for different social media channels (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) and you can create brand boards and offer branding services for other business owners that want a brand makeover or simply, start a new business.

5. Consulting Services

I’m sure you are an expert in some way. You know something others don’t know. Your friends/family ask you questions about things because they know you are good at it. If they trust your opinion, so will strangers on the internet value it.

As an example, by offering consulting services you can include paid audits to their problems, so you are seen as an expert in your niche.

I’ve seen online fashion stylists that would give fashion advice and audit to people’s style or Interior Designer consultants. If you have a degree or are studying in college/university you can try to use that to your advantage.

Nothing wrong with having multiple streams of income and in time you can earn enough money to invest in a course. This way you can become an expert consultant on something you are truly passionate about! I really want you to choose something you are passionate about because otherwise, you will feel like “working”.

6. Dropshipping – It means reselling the products from different online suppliers and setting your own prices. You don’t need any inventory and all you need is a website and marketing. Actually, this might need a bit of investing, but no experience is needed.

Why? Because I’ve tried it and you will need a web designer, an influencer/finding promotion pages on Instagram (the kind of repost account I’ve mentioned before), and run FB ads.

You can hire someone for all these and you just sit back and relax. Since it’s a business that can be very successful after some investment., the trick is to find what is best-selling, find the right suppliers and know how to market yourself in an attractive way.

Reading books can solve this problem or like I said, hiring an expert. An easy way to stand out from the crowd is to create videos from products.

7. Freelance Writing

This requires no experience as well. You only need time for sending pitches, building relationships with people (it is better than cold pitching because pitching may not work well nowadays but I’ve still heard that is going well for a lot of other freelancers even in 2021), and writing some articles to have as samples.

From there, you can either have a writer website, open your own blog or apply to job boards/online jobs that are actively looking for writers.

8. Affiliate Marketing

There are affiliate marketing platforms that accept you even when you don’t have a website. Your job is to share it with everyone you know, on as many platforms as possible, without being spammy.

 However, you need to read their guidelines before and check in which country the affiliate programs work and their terms of promotion.

BONUS TIP: Almost every online business you are about to start will require you to know Marketing for succeeding. People often just tell you to start, but on your journey, you will discover a lot of roadblocks.

This is why I highly recommend learning about Sales Psychology, Marketing/Building Relationships with people and brands, and outsourcing since it takes a lot of time at first until you get yourself established.

If I were to turn back in time, I’ll invest in Marketing education for sure. Because remember that investing In your business is investing in yourself. Remember your why and what makes you really want to start working from home and be a business owner.

I have to say that it won’t be easy and everyone has a different journey but once you find out what you are really passionate about, you will never give up on it. Because who doesn’t want to make money with something they love to do, right?

Let me know in the comments what passions do you have and what business you think about starting?

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