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How To Write The Perfect Sales Pitch

As a woman entrepreneur that is at the beginning stage of growing her business, it’s mandatory to know how to write the perfect sales pitch about yourself and when, if you want to get clients FAST.

Some people are against cold pitching. But you must do it anyway. Why? Because at the beginning no one knows about you, and you have not built the trust factor with anyone yet.

Let’s say you are a Virtual Assistant. You want to sign 1-2 new clients this month. How you are going to pitch yourself in this case?

You would find on Google some websites that represent your dream clients, copy their email, and hit “send” on a few sentences about you and how you can help, right? You do it to 5-10 people and hope that any of them are going to “bite”.  Is that what you were thinking about?

This method used to work when there was less competition. And there is place for everyone in every industry. Don’t believe it when people say an industry is “too saturated”. Because you have your own dream clients and offer a different type of services than your competition. And besides, you are “YOU”. No one can be you.

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But now, business owners get A LOT of emails from freelancers nowadays. Sometimes, they aren’t ready at that moment to hire anyone, but sometimes, they might need help and not even realize it until you can tell them the way you can transform their life with your help.


  1. Make it personal – You need to know the name of the person you are sending an email or a message to. Also, you must know a thing or two about their industry. Say how you are so passionate about their industry and why (maybe you had some experience even as a volunteer or it’s something related to your beliefs since a few years ago about their industry). Then, refer to something they wrote about be it a social media post, a blog, their stories or overall content that left an impression on you. This will show them it’s not a copy-paste type of message and that you really took the time to learn some things about their business.

2.Give value Before you sell yourself, you need to give as much value as possible. Value means giving away free information that can benefit them. Show your expertise. For example, if you are a social media manager tell them how consistency is important (in case that they don’t often post) or how they should engage with their audience, if they don’t have a lot of comments.

3.Show your expertise- Tell your potential clients about your past experience. If you can, show them a portfolio with statistics/transformation of “before and after”  working with you. If you can’t show graphics, show client’s testimonial (references). If you have already a client that you help with similar work, tell them about it too.

4. Tell them about your offering – Sometimes, you can just end with a “Let me know if you are up for growing your business even more!”, but other times you can say you have a limited time discount about a package or tell them you offer a trial of a few hours/month for x price

Example: “Hi Diana!

I came across your profile on Instagram and I love most of your posts, there is so much value in them! My favorite was the one where you talked about the importance of not giving up on our dreams.

Let me introduce myself! I’m a Virtual Assistant and I help Photographers like you with website management! I know the importance of angles when it comes to Photography, I also studied about it before, but I decided to leave it as a hobby, not make a career out of it.

I noticed you don’t update your website very often, so if you need any help with getting traffic and writing content for your blogs, that’s where I come in! The other photographer I helped got an increase of 200% more organic traffic after I started marketing on her social media accounts

Currently I have a trial offer to see if we are a good fit for each other. If you really want to grow your business, you know the importance of investing in it!

Let me know if you would like to discuss further.

Have an amazing day!”


This type of pitch shows you are friendly, confident, experienced and you even give them a chance to make sure you are the right next hire.

TIP: When I first sent my pitch, I had no idea how to write it, I wanted a specialist to write it for me to get a higher chance of receiving a “YES!”. So, I hired someone from Fiverr for only $10 to write the perfect pitch, me being a Virtual Assistant at that time.

Fiverr is a platform for freelancers (where, by the way you can market yourself too) that offer their services for $5 and from there is going up to even $100 depending on their skillset, experience, and popularity.

I often hire one-time freelancers to help me with the technical parts of my website. Next time, I hope I can hire my next website designer from there!

But in case you prefer to try writing your own pitch, remember the following things:

If you are sending your dream clients an email, instead of a message on the social media, make sure to follow-up with them after 5-7 days if they don’t respond in 3-4 days. Don’t do it more than once though because you don’t want to come across as spammy and annoying.

Think of pitching and marketing as a way to help others. It’s not about the money you get, it’s about how you can help others and money coming in as a result. Money coming as a “thank you” from the Universe because you do something good in someone’s else life.

What questions do you have about pitching? Comment down below!

4 thoughts on “How To Write The Perfect Sales Pitch”

  1. This was SOOOO helpful. I really want to grow my blog and reach out to other brands but I feel so clueless sometimes. I never know how to go about promoting myself, but I will definitely use these tips. Thank you so so much!!

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful! Growing a blog does take some time, but for the people that work hard AND are patient, the good and unexpected things will happen at the right time!

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