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When It’s Time To Leave Your Job Behind

You’ve been working hard for a while. A few months or maybe a few years. You used to love your job or maybe never liked it too much, but had no choice. Now, all you want is to leave your job behind.


Because as time passed by your job became boring, tiring but at the same time it is one of the places you are so used to spend most of your life and time at.

This is why this decision is giving you sleepless nights. You do have a side-hustle or think about starting one.

But the hours are too long, you can’t focus on your side-hustle too much and you know it has the earnable potential!

Well, this article will guide you to make the right decision.  Let’s keep going!

Reasons to leave your job

1. Not satisfied with the work environment– You feel tired all the time, unmotivated, and drained out.

2. You want to relocate/travel – You want the freedom to explore the world, to feel free, and experience life a little bit more. Or you dream to live in some city or country for a long time but didn’t feel brave enough and ready enough to take this big step.

3.  The work is very difficult – Your boss might be great; you adore your co-workers but the work is really difficult and the pay is not worth your effort.

4.  Schedule and hours – You don’t like that you spend most of the time away from your children or loved ones. Or you are simply an introvert that prefers to be in the comfort of their home, their “safe zone” most of the time.

5. Career change- You realized this is not what you want from life. You want something that makes you more fulfilled, more like “this is what I want!” type of feeling. 

Can it be a reality?

Now that you have enough reasons to tell your boss why you want to quit, the next step is a self-check if your dream can really become a reality.

First, think about your current situation.

  • Are you married?
  • Do you have any savings?
  • How long ago have you started your side-hustle?
  • If you just started it, can you afford to invest in your business before seeing results?

Let’s start with the first case.

Case #1 – You are married and have a husband (or boyfriend) – This only applies if you live together and if he has a good job and he could afford to pay all the bills in case you leave your job, even for a few months.

Because yes, if you just started your business, it would take some months to see some traction and the results you want. You do need A LOT of patience and consistency.

Talk to him about all your goals, plans, listen to his opinion and if he is able and willing to support you, then give it a try!

      Case #2 – You have savings – If you have some savings, you can outsource some of the tasks related to your business that you don’t have the time to do because you work full-time and hire someone or get an intern that is at the beginning of their career for other tasks that require a certain skillset!

Think of it as that you will help someone get experience and land their next job online. 

This works when you are not sure of whether to quit your job or wait a bit more. By outsourcing some of the tasks you need to do daily in your business, you will see growth faster and this means more chances of really quitting your job!

                      Or, if you have enough savings and don’t mind living on them until your side-hustle is going to replace your full-time income, then you can quit your job.

      Case #3 – You started your side-hustle a while ago – If you’ve started your side- hustle a few months or years ago and see constant growth or constant income that you could live well with, then you can consider leaving your full-time job and focus on your side-hustle that is going to become your full-time job instead.

   Case #4 – You just started your side-hustle – and want to quit your job because you can’t stand it anymore, I beg you to wait a bit more!

First, you will need to invest in some online tools regardless of what business you are starting. Be it an Email Marketing platform, Ads, Design software, and other basic things all female business owners need to successfully run their business!

And of course, there is a lot of time involved at the beginning. So, until you see constant months of income, don’t try to quit your job. Instead, refer to the cases and tips above and consider outsourcing or talking to your partner or maybe, both.

The Decision

Next, let’s say you decided you want to quit your job. Now you wonder, how do you do it?

You are a woman, you had a good job, so you need to do it in a graceful way, to not make your boss or yourself feel bad. Remember to keep things friendly, not awkward or embarrassing.

So, the best way is to give a resignation letter, and not quit your job over text. It appears too cowardly, and you want to be left with the impression of a strong, confident woman of others on you.

The best way is to give the resignation letter in advance, not last-minute. Be prepared to ask questions and you have 2 choices: Either you say something that is a lie- but sounds good to your employer’s ears or you are honest and say bluntly why you quit. It is up to you.

Resignation Letter Checklist

  1. Talk to your boss before – Say about how much you loved your job and that you feel sorry for putting your boss in this situation but you are a human and have your own needs when it comes to your career. Say that you want the best for the company, but you also have some dreams that don’t let you sleep at night and keeps you dreaming during the day. Also, mention when it’s the last day you’re coming to the job.
  2. Give the resignation letter to your boss – You can either do it via email or give a written one as a letter and say similar things like on the first point. Because, that’s the truth after all, right?
  3. About the paycheck – It depends on the company when they will pay you. They might pay you on the day you leave, on your salary day or even a few days after you leave.
  4. Employee benefits – You might still have those benefits even after you leave your job. Just make sure you check everything before leaving your job.

Remember that whatever you are going to do, your boss still has a good impression of you, and in case that someone checks for references with your current company, you won’t feel ashamed or embarrassed.

You are a strong woman, and quitting your job is indeed an act of bravery!

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