How To Develop A Marketing Strategy Plan The Right Way

A marketing strategy is a roadmap to achieving your desired business goals. Without a clear strategy, you can’t get your business off of the ground. When you are starting your business you will want and need to create a lot of content. Any online business needs a blog to be successful, along with a marketing strategy.

Next, you need to decide on your business goals for the next few months. It will help you know your direction so you can make the right decisions in achieving your goals.

So, how do you plan a marketing strategy?

· Know your target audience and their pain points

 Once you are clear on these it will become easy for you to plan content, images and adjust your message. To determine your target audience think about both demographics and psychographics.

From age to personality and from employment status to lifestyle. You need to check off all points from your list when you build your dream client or ideal customer. If your audience is young they might be on Tiktok. If they are moms they might hang out on Pinterest and Facebook.

· Your branding

You need to position yourself as an expert and have branded digital content to share on the platforms you choose. From there, focus on building relationships with your target audience through content. Being very visible on the chosen platforms, like showing up a few times a week will also help. Think about your mission statement and what makes your brand unique, different?

· How and when will you share content

 If you want success, you need to stay consistent. By scheduling 1 month of content ahead it will be so easy to stay consistent. Why? Because you don’t have to worry every day or every week about creating content. By using an auto-scheduler like Buffer or Hootsuite you don’t even need to take the time to post by yourself!

Also, think about the type of content you are going to share. Are they reels? Carousel? Powerpoint presentations? Video?

Keep your ideal customer in your mind whenever you write the content.

Remember the saying “Practice makes things better”? It’s the same in business. You need to remain consistent if you want success. Never treat your side-hustle or online job as a hobby. Treat it like a business and it will be rewarding in the long run.

· When will you make new product/service launches

You always need to make sure that your products and services are wanting and needed. How? By doing market research. Your products need to have Features, Advantages, and Benefits also known as FAB.

BONUS: Some ways to create authentic content:

1. Tell a story

2. Provide value

3. Don’t be too salesy

4. Be inspiring

5. Show testimonials

6. Share your journey and behind-the-scenes

7. Relatable content

8. User Generated Content

9. Tell your opinion about something

10. Include a CTA (call-to-action) in the post

11. Ask questions

12. Share your failures and your success stories

13. Write with humor (if it’s your style)

14. Be yourself and use your own voice

I used to suck at marketing but I never gave up. When I tried to find my own freelance clients, I would try a method with some people. As a result, sometimes I saw a lack of response from them and I would change the strategy. This way I’ve been able to find some strategies that did work.

Yet, some strategies will work only for some industries. So test it out yourself and tweak it as needed. I guarantee you that in 1 month or less if you try every day you’re going to sign at least one client!

Remember that attraction marketing is better than chasing clients. So it’s all about the strategic content and strategic words that you use all over social media channels. From DMs to posts and stories.

Hashtags also play an important role in attraction marketing. Because this is how you will be seen by ideal clients.

I recommend you start a Copywriting course. You don’t need to make a career out of copywriting. But as a small business owner at the start of their biz, you will definitely need to be a jack-trade of all.

And because content marketing is the base you will not succeed as long as you don’t know how to talk to people online. What to say, when, and how to get to their psychological triggers so they will buy from you. It’s all about building trust, being authentic, and make them like you. Only after these phases, they are ready to buy.

I say these from my experience, from what I’ve been through. I hope this guide helped you get a clear idea of how to make a marketing plan and what you need to learn on your journey as an entrepreneur.

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