About Me

About Denisa

Motivating you to not give up on your dreams

Welcome to my About page!

Are you curious to know more about me?

My name is Denisa and I’m a young mom of a boy. I’m based in a small, quiet city in Romania, a country in central Europe.

I’m the biggest dreamer you may know. I’m very passionate about traveling (but have been only to 5 countries so far), Asian culture, and entrepreneurship.

I decided to open this blog out of my passion for writing and the desire to help other women entrepreneurs start and eventually, scale their own online businesses.

Ever been dreaming of living in a place like this? (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Been overwhelmed by all the resources of how to market yourself, how to choose a profitable business idea and everything about this online world is new to you?

Or you’ve had different projects as a freelancer but don’t know how to actually make it full-time so you can live your dream life?

Well, here is where I come!

Besides being a blogger, I’m also a Virtual Assistant that helps female entrepreneurs with Social Media, Content Writing, and other small tasks that are either time-consuming or simply not their cup of tea.

So feel free to contact me, if you need help or have any questions about this path.

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